Sunday, October 8, 2017

Four Great Max Effort Movements for Squats

I'm going to be honest here, squats have been my nemesis for the entire time I've been lifting. This isn't because I can't hit depth, or because I'm just afraid of the bar. I have just always struggled to improve my squat numbers. Fairly recently, I decided to start running my take on the Conjugate (Concurrent) training system. I don't seek to call it Westside, it's just what I'm doing that's working incredibly well for me. In the hours I spent really digging in researching for this I had an incredibly hard time trying to get actual options for Max Effort and Dynamic Effort lifts.

Due to that struggle I thought it would be a good idea to do a series on Max, Repetition, and Dynamic Effort exercises that work well for each of the main lifts. If you want/need more information on the methods and how I run it you can find it here. As far as movements are concerned, as little of a change as moving your feet out wider is enough to vary the stimulus and avoid staleness, as such a wide stance squat is considered a different movement than a close stance squat, but I will not be going over variations like that because then we'd need 24 movements.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

7 Habits of Those Who Lose the Weight and Keep it Off

When it comes to fitness, knowing and doing are two very different things. This is especially true in weight loss. I think for the most part we know more or the what's and the how's involved in weight loss. Whether or not someone is successful in reaching their goal and maintaining it is based on habits. Whether or not you're building the right habits. It's important to know which habits are going to make the difference between losing the weight and keeping it off.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Book Review! 2 Weeks to Health: Kick Start Your Weight Loss and Live a Healthier Life

Recently Scott Van Hoy from 2 Weeks to Health approached me about reading his book "2 Weeks to Health: Kick Start Weight Loss and Live a Healthier Life" and reviewing it on Amazon. Full Disclaimer is that what I got out of it was a free copy of the book, which was honestly really cool considering how much I enjoy the book. The reason I'm doing a review here is simply because I enjoyed the book and because whenever I read anything I analyze it and write about what I learn from it, so I figured why not just write my thoughts out here so that others can gain from it as well, or grab the book if it seems to fit their needs.

I'm going to start out by saying that my overall philosophy on Fitness is that it's a marathon, not a sprint so when I saw the title I was both worried and intrigued. So to dispel any worry, it's not a get thin quick scheme or any type of immediate results type of book. My too lazy didn't read summary of the book is "I can teach you everything you need to know to change your life for the better, to create better habits, and to be reasonably healthy in the span of two weeks" which the book accomplishes incredibly well. I've always been about the necessity of creating life change, habits, and sustainable change because getting fit and staying that ways is 100% based on whether or not you can accomplish that.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Collaboration: 3 Weight Loss Questions

Recently Big Lifts Fitness was included in an article at Approaching Fitness where Eric from Approaching Fitness, Scott Van Hoy from 2 Weeks to Health, Andreas Michaelides from Thirsty4Health, and I answered three important weight loss questions.

These questions were:

  1. What is your number one tip for someone just starting out trying to lose weight?
  2. In your opinion what is the best exercise for fat loss?
  3. What is the difference between someone who succeeds in losing weight and someone who fails?
The answers given by these incredibly insightful and honest people in the fitness industry are well, incredibly insightful and honest. So if you're looking for some very helpful advice on weight loss then you should definitely check the article out!

 3 Weight Loss Questions Answered by Twitter Experts

Full Disclosure:
I don't generally think of myself as an expert, but more of a long time student of health and fitness, but it was nice to be considered among some very insightful people!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Let's Talk Motivation

Motivation has never been a problem with me in life, whether internal or external, whether it was about working or about getting fit. Due to this fact you would think that staying motivated is easy for me, but it isn't. I have just found my motivation and what works for me for staying motivated. This is the topic for today's Let's Talk: Motivation.

Motivation is one of the biggest struggles and hurdles you'll ever encounter in life. When it comes to fitness it's more noticeable because you have to come to terms with it and notice it for you to get anything done and for you to accomplish your goals. The first question most people ask is often times not what to do but rather "How do I get motivated to get going?" and once they've gotten going, very often times they run across the question "Should I keep going?" and today we're hear to help you make sure that answer remains yes!

Sorry for the multiple videos, but definitely watch them with the article!

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