Monday, June 5, 2017

Simplifying Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common goal these days, but how to start? Weight loss is the most simple part of the the fitness formula and yet it's the most complicated. Here's how to make sense of weight loss and where to start.

Weight loss comes down to using more calories than you consume. Simple right? It really is. The complicated part and the part most people get hung up on is how do you go about consuming more calories than you consume. There's plenty of ways to go about this: You can eat less/better, you can lift weights, or you could do any form of cardio. 

Nutrition is key. No amount of running on a treadmill or weights is going to make up for overeating. The problem is most people underestimate the amount of calories they are consuming. Here's a simple/rough way to start off when trying figure out how many calories you should be eating:

For weight loss multiply your body-weight by 14 to get the amount of calories you should be eating. I.E If your body weight is 160 lbs then you multiply that by 14 to get how many calories you should eat. 160 x 14= 2240 so that would be a good starting point for weight loss. 

For weight maintenance multiply your body-weight by 16. 160 x 16= 2560.

For weight gain multiply by 18. 160 x 18= 2880

Of course that's a rough guide and the scale will be your guide here. If you start at multiplying by 14 and you start losing 3-5 lbs. a week then adjust up to 15. Remember the goal is to lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

Once you come up with the amount of calories you should be consuming, you get the part where it's complicated, you could be asking yourself what should you be eating? and for that matter, how often? My advice is to start off by eating a protein source (fish, chicken, beef) and a vegetable with every meal. If you're eating a protein and a vegetable with every meal and staying to your calories chances are you'll be well on your way to weight loss. The more vegetables the better too, you can eat a lot of veggies and still keep calories low, which will make it a lot easier to stave off hunger while still losing weight. 

Nutrition is the hard part of weight loss, you eat less and you feel hungry, that's hard, and honestly it's harder than the working out part of weight loss. Working out may be the hard part if you aren't a heavy eater, but chances are it is. This is where working out comes in! Working out effectively changes the amount you can eat while still being able to lose weight. This is key if you like eating. 

So how do you go about working out for weight loss? The key to working out for weight loss is to find something you enjoy that is physically taxing. This doesn't mean you have to go hop on a treadmill or start lifting heavy weights, what it means is to find something you enjoy doing. I know that doesn't sound like what a good fitness pro says, but hear me out: If you enjoy what you're doing then you're more likely to keep doing it and the key to weight loss is consistency so find something you enjoy!

Here are some ideas:
  1. Swimming
  2. Walking your pets
  3. Playing with your children (if you have any)
  4. Yoga
  5. Pilates
  6. Weight training
  7. Running/Jogging/Walking
  8. Cross training
  9. Recreational Sports
  10. Gardening
A lot of the time doing something as a group makes consistency and adherence a much more easy thing to accomplish, so if that is your thing then try to find a group to join. If not, then remember that what you enjoy is most likely your best bet.

So to recap:
  1. Find out how many calories you should be consuming
  2. Try to ensure that you eat a protein source and vegetable with every meal
  3. Find an activity you enjoy and just go at it.
  4. Be consistent

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  1. Great tips! Consistency over time... such an important piece that so many headlines neglect. "Lose 30 pounds in 30 days", High Intensity Everything, it is so noisy out there. Your tips are sound, encouraging, and spot on! Great site!

    1. Thank you! I try to touch on the things that I have found to work for sustained change more so than anything.

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