Saturday, July 22, 2017

Let's Talk Weight Loss

In the recent article Simplifying Weight Loss I went over the basics of losing weight and in the first installment of Let's Talk Nutrition I went over the nutritional principles that are important for success in your goals in fitness. (whether weight gain or loss they apply)

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Today we're going to be expanding on that article so if you haven't read it yet, it may help with the context of this, and we'll be taking a lot of valuable information from our first installment of Let's Talk, nutrition and putting it together to help you lose weight.

Losing weight amount to 85% of people's goals the first time they hit the gym. This means that if you're trying to lose weight you're not alone, so take solace in that! Due to the abundance of people trying to lose weight, there's also an abundance of (mis)information about how to go about that. I always like to take the simplest route to a destination, so forgive the writing style to this one as I'll be going on a cut pretty soon and I'll be using these same principles myself. Let's reiterate and clarify some of the nutritional principles presented in both articles:
  • Getting 35% of your calories from protein is important. For our sake in this article, we're focusing on satiety and calorie burning. About 1/4 of calories from protein burned automatically, and produce more heat causing you to burn more calories. This is why you get meat sweats. One simple switch that I make when switching from trying to gain weight to trying to lose weight is switching my morning meal from a carb filled (think cereals and bread) breakfast to a protein shake. This cuts a good 2-400 calories for me, and I'd venture to guess that it would be more for most people. 
Tasty tasty protein

  • Eat your vegetables. At least 4-5 servings a day (1-2/meal) will make cutting out other foods much more bearable because you will stay fuller longer. This is due to the fiber content. Another great thing about veggies while trying to lose weight is that you can eat loads of veggies and consume very little calories.
  • Make sure you are still consuming fats. Low fat diets and low carb diets both work as long as they are following the principle of calories in versus calories out, but you need to at least be consuming enough healthy fats for proper hormone regulation. This is around 10% of your calorie intake.
  • 90-10 rule. If you're on it 90% of the time, don't worry if you whif on occasion, you'll still make your goals.
  • Consistency is key! If you're inconsistent then it's impossible to track what's working and not working, or if you're doing things in a way that will be successful at all. 
  • Multiply your bodyweight by 12-14 calories to get your daily goal for calories. I have changed my stance on this since the original article on weight loss because recently I have had clients with this as necessary. Ask yourself if you can think about a cookie without gaining weight, use that as a guide.

When it comes to working out, which IS secondary to nutrition when it comes to weight loss there are some principles to go by:
  • Find something physical that you enjoy. Whether it's gardening, swimming, walking, jogging, Kettlebell or barbell complexes, or jazzercise; activity is activity and burns calories. Do this 3-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes each time (except with complexes). 
And take someone with you!

  • Do some form of strength training. This is especially important for women because they generally tend to have less muscle to begin with, but muscle improves metabolism, so doing strength training of some form is a double whammy in the sense that you burn calories during exercise and then you burn more calories for rest of your life as well. You don't have to go crazy here, but even 2-3 times a week is going to make a huge difference over the long haul.
  • Make sure that you're consistent. Much like with your nutrition, consistency is incredibly important for long term success. You can't make improvements if your skipping your activity 2-3 times a week!
When it comes to exercising for weight loss, it's a mixed bag that mostly comes down to finding what you can be consistent with. Any form of exercise burns calories so you don't have much if anything to gain by forsaking a form of exercise that you enjoy for another form of exercise because "it burns 20 more calories per hour".

Live Life!
It's important to realize that getting to a healthy weight, or getting jacked and ripped both require you to have a healthy mental aspect. This means that you can't forsake living life and enjoying life for the sake of your goals, you need to plan your goals around life so that you can be consistent (there's that word again) and in a good place to succeed. I made the mistake when I was fresh into fitness of skipping out on life for the sake of my goals, and all it did was set me up for failure later on. Live life.

Putting it Together

  • Find your target calories and stick there
  • Try to get 35% of your calories from protein.
  • Whether you go higher carb or high fat or moderate is up to you, and is best determined by what you can stick with and what makes you feel better through the day.
  • Eat your veggies!
  • Consistency is key
  • Find something active you enjoy and do it!
  • Do some form of strength training.
  • Consistency is key!
  • Don't freak out if you went and had fun one night, or avoid living life for the sake of the scale. You want to develop a lifestyle not a death sentence.
  • Did I mention that consistency is key? Consistency is key!


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