Saturday, August 26, 2017

Collaboration: 3 Weight Loss Questions

Recently Big Lifts Fitness was included in an article at Approaching Fitness where Eric from Approaching Fitness, Scott Van Hoy from 2 Weeks to Health, Andreas Michaelides from Thirsty4Health, and I answered three important weight loss questions.

These questions were:

  1. What is your number one tip for someone just starting out trying to lose weight?
  2. In your opinion what is the best exercise for fat loss?
  3. What is the difference between someone who succeeds in losing weight and someone who fails?
The answers given by these incredibly insightful and honest people in the fitness industry are well, incredibly insightful and honest. So if you're looking for some very helpful advice on weight loss then you should definitely check the article out!

 3 Weight Loss Questions Answered by Twitter Experts

Full Disclosure:
I don't generally think of myself as an expert, but more of a long time student of health and fitness, but it was nice to be considered among some very insightful people!


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